To meet the challenges faced by land forces, Paramount has developed a world-class family of powerful armoured and mine-protected vehicles. Clean sheet design and the most advanced technology ensures that each of our vehicles delivers exemplary performance in protection, mobility and firepower.
We also provide comprehensive, need-specific solutions for land forces. These include personnel equipment, integrated communication systems, force protection, fully equipped camps and logistics support.


We have extensive experience in equipping forces for national defence or peacekeeping missions. We first gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ unique challenges, terrains and needs, before proposing an effective solution. This extends to the provision of fully equipped and supported camp systems, state-of-the-art field hospitals, power supply, water sanitation and force protection infrastructure.
Our vehicles are designed to provide the best possible protection against kinetic energy, IED and RPG attacks, ensuring optimum survivability for the crew. Paramount has access to the extensive blast testing facilities that are well established in South Africa and it makes full use of them to carry out rigorous testing of its vehicles to the highest international standards.